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Nick Sladovich

Brand Manager & Media Specialist

Nick Sladovich is our resident Videographer, Editor, Photographer, Power Point, Graphic Designer and creator of any visual media the team needs. He has a four year degree in Film/Video from Columbia Chicago and spent three years in Los Angeles editing and doing script development for various Production Companies. His recent focus has been learning the Blue Collar Marketing Method from the master himself and his strengths as a Social Media Marketer have shined. As our Content Coach, Nick can help Owners and Salespeople create videos that SELL by instructing with technique, technology and proven scripts. He is well versed in the Marketing Mindset and will help your team produce various media materials that convert to Leads, Jobs and recruits. Nick has an upcoming course in Skydiamonds that will walk you through the stages of Video Production, execution of Lee’s proven scripts and the do’s and dont's of successful Social Media elements.

  • Video Production
  • Editing
  • Content Creation
  • Podcast

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