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"I had $5,000 bucks. Now I own a couple Ferraris."
- Ricardo Castellanos, All-Star Roofing
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"I sold nearly $1-million dollars in 3 months because of Lee's training."
- Justin Ledford, Flagstone Roofing & Exteriors
These ELITE members have used our methods to help create millions of dollars in products and services.
What You Will Get
  • IMG Event: Access to this event with 2 full days of LIVE training on scaling your company
  • VIP Dinner with Lee: You will also get an exclusive dinner at the IMG Event with Lee Haight
  • ELITE Facebook Group Access: You gain access to a Secret Facebook Group only ELITE members are allowed in
  • Fly in Friday: You and a guest fly into Naples, FL to meet and spend time with Lee, his family, and his entire team
  • Sky Diamonds Unlimited: Full access to Sky Diamonds University with ongoing personal customer support for 12 months
  • Weekly Focus Calls: Every Thursday at 9 AM EST Lee does a LIVE call with his ELITE members, answering your questions and keeping you on track
  • Elite Forms & Contracts: All the legal forms and documents Lee Haight uses in his contracting business
  • 72-Page Training Manual: Get Lee Haight's mini-bible on roofing knowledge
  • Ultimate Pitch Direct Sales Scripts: Get the Holy Grail of Direct Mail which helped Lee create over $8-million in sales*
  • 60-Minute Launch Call with Lee: Get on a personal launch call for you and your sales team
Train Your Sales Team with SDU.
Sky Diamonds University is an online University optimized, created, and tested to train every position in a roofing company to peak performance. Whether a roofing owner wants to enhance his/hers current knowledge level to scale or grow profits, or an entire sales team needs to train daily to grow to sales champions, Sky Diamonds University is the solution. 

With daily accountability reporting, owners and managers can track and maintain a scalable training program to their sales teams! With over two decades of Roofing ownership experience and 100+ Sky Diamonds University clients using the online University daily, you can't go wrong with this kind of business investment into yourself and your team!
19 Courses with over 170 Training Videos
Introduction to the Roofing Business
Building & Scaling Your Business
Hiring a Diamond
30 Day Recruiting Challenge
Recruiting Master Class
Leading Your Team
The Truth About Closing for Contractors
Closing With Value
Always Bring Value
Handling Common Door-to-Door Objections
Handling High Tension Door-to-Door Objections
Be a Wolf, Not a Sheep
Major Keys to Personal Effectiveness in Sales
Researching Deals, Prospecting & Building Relationships
Performing the Inspection & Preparing the Estimate
Tile and Flat Roofs
Commercial Roofing Master Class
Penetrating the Florida Market
Roofing Professional Certification
Social Media & Online Marketing
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"You're a blessing Lee."
- Jeff M. Richfield 
Music City Roofers
"After knowing and doing business with Lee for over 5 years, I was so excited to learn of Sky Diamonds University! I can't think of anyone with more knowledge and passion for the industry. Lee's videos are an intricate part of my training program! Thanks to Lee's program one of my new sales reps sold a commercial job in his first 2 weeks."
- Lisa Blaurock
Biltmore Roofing and Contracting
"Lee Haight does not get enough credit for Sky Diamonds University.
Sky Diamonds University is a 100% fully developed RECRUITING and TRAINING program for new sales reps before they hit the field, including the detailed recruiting process and how to do it, 3 part orientation, a 67 page sales rep field manual. It also includes a BUSINESS OWNER series, and a SALES OBJECTION series and SALES PITCH series.

Included is 116 VIDEOS detailing the entire process recruiting, training, paying, and managing new reps, pitches and sales technique videos, great points about managing your business, plus a 67 page field manual for the new guys.
You can track your sales reps progress of getting through the training videos you assign them as well .

Glad I got a call from Lee Haight today, did not know what his package really offered until now, for 25% of the price I paid for a competitors shitty new hires / advanced training package!!"
- Kyle Patrick
South Shore Roofing
Features of 
Sky Diamonds University: 
  • Not just for storm chasers! Sky Diamonds University was created by an industry leading expert that has decades of Roofing Ownership and Sales Experience to a nationwide client base. You know can have access to this knowledge in one, easy to use and user friendly online university of video courses.
  • Accessible on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you have access to Sky Diamonds University everywhere you go to fit into your busy schedule or hectic day in the field. 
  • Get immediate access! Your user ID to the university will be generated and provided to you ASAP so you can start your online video courses right away!
What's Included In Sky Diamonds University?
Get Access To 155+ Online Video Courses 
That Will Train Your Sales Team Into Champions
See Some of The Topics Below:
  • Getting Past The Gatekeeper For Commercial Roofing Projects
  • Over 25+ Different Proven Pitches
  • 0-10 Million FAST
  • How-To Get More Referrals
  • Getting and Keeping Your People Motivated
  • How-To Create A Champion Sales Person
  • Over 35+ Objection Handling Video Courses
  • How To Increase Your Average Transaction Value
  • Shoulder and Clavicle Issues
  • 3 Different Pitch Scripts and Recruiting Scripts with Objection Handlers!
And More! As a Member of Sky Diamonds University, You Get Access To All New Content Added For The Lifetime Of Your Enrollment! 
Who is Lee Haight?
Lee Haight, son of Donny Haight, grew up in the roofing business with both his father and uncle owning roofing companies. Lee sold his first roofing job when he was 13 and has never looked back. Lee runs the field operations and helps jumpstart business in new markets. He is the driving force behind the sales teams and provides much motivation and charisma in the office.

As President of Roofing Professionals gaining experience in the field and out of the field from every aspect of the roofing industry. Lee saw great opportunity in creating and providing solutions to his team to help him and his father scale a roofing company to over $20M annually. Sky Diamonds University was one of those solutions and ended up being one of the greatest assets a roofing owner can provide to his team. 

With a one stop training solution available on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, his team could access the university to train in real time after hearing an objection at the door. Or when needing to learn something on the fly to complete an inspection. Or when other roofing owners/managers need operations training, SDU becam e the go-to solution for not just Roofing Professionals, but also 100+ other ADU clients. Start training and scaling your way to multi millions in the roofing industry today with Sky Diamonds University.
What Are You Waiting For?
Sky Diamonds University is the go-to resource for Roofers looking to scale their companies initial training 
and on-going training for sales people and every other key position within your roofing company.   
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